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A passion handed down for generations, a true love for our land and for nature. A family story, our family.

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Land that becomes sensation, scents that become emotions, passion that becomes tradition.

The history of Ca' di Press begins in the early 1900s, driven by love for nature, and also by necessity.
An activity born from a close bond with our territory and linked to the atmosphere of when wine was made for family, friends and, for a few customers who often ended up becoming friends too. This is where our name Cà di Press takes its inspiration, which in Piedmontese dialect means House of the Pressenda, because for us wine is passion but above all it is home.
After many years in which we just sold the grapes and the wine we made, we decided to produce our first vintage in 2018 with about 4000 Barolo bottles.

The passing of time, the course of the seasons, the intertwining perfumes.

The signature of our wine? The land, Perno, our house.
The vineyards surrounding our place enjoy the best exposure, from south-west to south-east.
We take care of our vineyards by dedicating ourselves to all stages of the work: from pruning to harvesting. We are committed to treating the vineyards as little as possible and, when we do it, we only use products based on sulfur and copper.
We vinify our vines individually, recognizing them for different exposures, age of the vines and different maturation time that each of them features. We believe that by doing so they can fully express their qualities. We aim to produce a sincere wine, and it is precisely for this reason that every vintage is different from the others, because even the slightest nuances tell the story of the year in which it was made and become the peculiarity of each production. We seek purity in our wines, intervening only when necessary. We do not clarify or filter anything, our wines are stabilized in a natural way using tanks positioned outside our cellar during the coldest period of winter.

Techniques and traditions are handed down from one generation to another, the love for our land continues to bring us together.